Cannich First Responders

First Responders LogoA Community First Responder is a member of the public who volunteers to help their community by responding to medical emergencies while the ambulance is on its way. All volunteers receive specialist training and equipment so that they can provide an early intervention before the arrival of the professional ambulance crew.

In rural areas where communities are widespread and ambulances have to travel greater distances, the role of the First Responder is crucial in what has been termed the 'Chain of Survival' for patients suffering from critical injuries or illnesses such as heart attacks.

Cannich First Responders and VehicleStrathglass First Responders was established in July 2004 by Co-ordinator Margaret Erskine to provide cover for the Strathglass area. The scheme started with 6 members but today (March 2011) there are 14 trained members with up to 6 more awaiting training.

Community First Responders are UNPAID and DO NOT take the place of health professionals or the Scottish Ambulance Service.

First Responders are trained in First Aid & Cardio-Pulmanory Resuscitaion (CPR). Their kit includes a portable defibrillator (heart start machine) and Oxygen.

If you have some free time and want to participate in providing a valuable service to your community further information can be obtained from Local Co-ordinator, Margaret Erskine (07920 271688).

Visitors to this website from farther afield may be interested in establishing a First Responder Scheme within their own community - there are now over 50 schemes in Scotland. For more details visit the Scottish Ambulance Service website.

Cannich First Responders and Vehicle

Donation from Rotary Club

Strathglass First Responders have received a 300 donation from Loch Ness Rotary Club that will help buy the group additional life-saving equipment. Read the full story in the the Highland News.