The Call of the Highlands

From top: Fasnakyle Cottage, 1939 Morris, Denny with parentsIn January 1949 a young man left Essex, and headed to Strathglass to work as a mechanical engineer on the Hydro Scheme. Some sixty years on, Denny Lalonde has kindly offered to tell us about the days he spent here, living first in a small cottage at Fasnakyle and then in the workers camp in Cannich.

Denny had a variety of roles in his spell here, a tunnel mechanic for a while then general mechanic in the main engineering shop in Cannich. He also worked in Fasnakyle transport shop. Although the work was hard the hydro workers still liked to socialise. Back in the early 1950s public transport was extremely poor and people often complained of brown bathwater. (So what's changed in Cannich in 60 years?) At least the transport situation was resolved when Denny bought the 1939 Morris, pictured left, for the princely sum of 43 from a fellow worker heading off to Australia.

In 1951 Denny said farewell to the UK and sought out a new life in Canada. He worked for many years in the automotive industry culminating in 16 years with Toyota Canada where laterally he was Port Operations Manager in British Columbia. In retirement he keeps busy and is a member of a Writer's Group where he likes to pen mysteries. Looking back over the years with obvious enjoyment he states:

"Life has been good for me - and still is! It's all been terrific. I still love the Highlands and would love one more trip back to Glen Affric!"



Read and enjoy his account of Hydro life: The Call of the Highlands.